Ormachea Jewelry's specialty is custom design and refined craftsmanship. Hugo and Bertha Ormachea breathe life into their clients visions by listening to their stories and delivering a personalized and unique creation. 

Hugo studied under his father, Donato Ormachea, a renowned Jeweler in Cusco, Peru. He learned the art with a highly refined eye for detail. He and Bertha moved from Cusco to California with their three sons nearly 30 years ago. Today, Ormachea’s style blends the aesthetics of contemporary design with the timeless influence of the ancient ancestry; Etruscan, Byzantine, Spanish and Incan.

Moving from the mountains to the ocean is a big change culturally and geographically. They adore the natural landscapes of their Peruvian roots as well as their new seaside home. Nature provides inexhaustible inspiration for their life, work and art.